118 Angel Number – What is the meaning of this number?

The 118 angel number, like all angel numbers, are messages sent by your guardian angels. They are your ultimate guide and support so you have to cherish the wisdom that they provide you and try to decipher what they are trying to tell you. They will motivate you and help you stay strong.

It maybe hard for you to understand what they are trying to tell you because they do not explicitly explain you, but they will continuously show you the signs until you are on the right path. So if 118 angel number has become a frequent appearance in your life, it is important to understand its meaning.

118 Angel Meaning

The meaning behind 118 angel number:

118 angel number is a mixture of 1 and 8, so it has characteristics of all these numbers. It is a good omen that you are seeing 118 angel number. The 8 angel number symbolizes the upcoming riches, blessings, and bounty that is about to come your way. You will have prosperity in many aspects of your life. All you have to do is be determined and continue your hard work.

8 angel number also tends to be shown to people who are adamant, insistent, and have unwavering aims. You have to believe that you are your supporter, and you can make the best decisions about your life. You have to believe in your abilities, and be optimistic. Having a positive mindset and believing in yourself matters a lot, and if you believe you can do something, you can. You are already halfway there.

There will be ups and downs in life but you have to learn how to stand up again when you fall. If you go through bad times with your strength, you will get the reward for it, and you will be successful, slowly but surely. 8 angel number also tells you that you are a true inspiration for many. You are helpful and concerned, and you play a very genuine and caring role in society. Continue that because it will help you in your journey as well. All these qualities of 8 angel number, apply to 118 angel number as well so you have to use this knowledge to try and find what your guardian angels are trying to inform you through 118 angel number.

If you keep seeing 118 angel number, you need to look into the matter of your finances. The appearance of this number means that you should be more careful spending your money. You might be spending too extravagantly or on too many irrelevant things. This number reminds you to be more sensible in your expenditure. You have to make sure that you are saving and investing enough that you and your family don’t have to go through something in the future due to this.

118 Angel Meaning

What 118 angel number means about success, health, and love:

People who underestimate you and are a source of negativity in your life have to be eliminated and ignored from your life. You have to make efforts to increase your money and be with people who are a source of motivation. You will reach your goal if you are positive and hard working.

You should not let a particular situation and temporary circumstances demotivate you. You have to believe that rocky roads lead to beautiful destinations. Everything is for a time, and soon good times will replace the bad times.  If you go through them, you will reach your success and be a true winner.

Your guardian angels are always with you, so you should listen to their guidance and make them proud. Good times are coming your way and soon you will be very satisfied so just hold on a bit longer. You can always use the wisdom and guidance of your guardian angels to make things better.

118 angel number also symbolizes that your angels will keep you in good health. You cannot control your health entirely, but you can always eat healthily. It may also mean that someone in your circle or someone close to you is about to get healed from the illness they were going through. All the rewards will make you a better person. You should be open to change. Something that you’ve been avoiding might just be the thing you need. You might also find the right person you’re looking for as a partner because 118 angel number appears mostly to those who are single.


Focus on your spiritual life, be compassionate and determined. Good things are coming your way very soon, and you will find abundance in your money, love, happiness, and health. The key is to look for guidance, be patient and work hard.

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