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Living In Alignment With The Universe

Utter the word ‘Spiritual’ and the mind thinks of something supernatural and magical. Something or Someone which is greater than what our senses perceive. Something which, at times, makes its presence felt to our sixth sense or maybe even beyond if there is any.

The frenetic pace of life in this always-buzzing-with-activity world, we, often unknowingly, become part of a race. Race to excel and become the best, of course, when measured on scales made by us. Once on the pinnacle, we try our best to stay there, forever.

In this melee, we forget to ask ourselves a few questions:

  • ​Who are we and why are we here on this planet?
  • Who has created us and why?
  • Why do we not look at others at par with ourselves? Why do we discriminate between the Almighty’s creations?
  • Why is our mind not at peace and keeps running behind material goals?

What is Spiritual Wellness?

Spiritual Wellness tends to provide answers to these and many such or even more complicated questions. It is that journey which brings our body, mind and soul closer to the Universe and helps in finding the purpose of life. It helps us understand our values, morals, beliefs and principles, align them with the Universe and use this understanding to guide our actions.

Often, people relate the term Spiritual Wellness to religious faith, however, religion, along with values, principles, morals, ethics, gratitude, compassion can be considered as a route to attain spiritual wellness. Spirituality is way bigger than religion.

Spiritual Wellness is a very personal dimension as it is all about our own selves, our intentions and how we treat ourselves, everyone and everything around us. Sporting an attitude of gratitude and respect for fellow beings, the Universe and that Supreme power which is the creator reflects a healthy state of spiritual wellness.

While spirituality is inherent within us, it usually gets subdued under the pressures of the modern day world and its overbearing demands for our time and energy. There needs to be a conscious and continuous effort from our end to find time, energy and inclination to keep our spiritual side active and nourished. Create opportunities to connect with your inner self in a meaningful and positively reflective way.

Assessing your own spiritual wellness

To assess your level of spiritual wellness, you do not need to go to a specialist. Since this dimension is all about yourself. You need to do some introspective analysis about your thoughts, emotions and actions. Ask yourself some questions and answer them honestly.

What gives my life meaning and purpose? Since we have come to this world, we will complete the life cycle, however, what is essential is the quality of life that we live. A good quality life is where you identify a purpose of your life. Something that gives you fulfillment, a satisfaction that is everlasting, beyond what material comforts provide us with.

What gives me hope? The path to achievement is not a straight, smooth road. Often, in our journey, we run into problems, obstacles that overwhelm us and bring us to doubt our capabilities to overcome the difficulties. This is the time when we need to look around for that one thing that provides us with hope and motivates us to push through obstacles in our journey.

How do I handle tough times? Where do I find comfort? A crying child seeks comfort in its mother’s lap. We need to find similar comfort which can lessen the pain and tribulations and give us the renewed energy to continue our journey. Do we know where to find that comfort? It may lie in talking to a mentor or it may lie within yourself. We ought to know

Do I accept other’s views on various issues? We must not forget that people other than us are also like us. If we have our opinions and thoughts so do they. If we are spiritually healthy, we will truly understand this fact and accord due acceptance and respect to others in the same way as we would expect to receive from others. We will not forcibly impose our thoughts and philosophies on others.

Am I relaxing enough? We go through divergent events and experiences throughout the day leading to big commotion within our mind. It is necessary for us to find time to give our mind some rest and bring it back to normalcy. A relaxed mind as well as body are better prepared to tackle a new round of activity than when we are tired

Are my actions in sync with my values? Very often, what we think, feel and want to follow, we don’t. Be it for peer pressure or self-constraint of what will people say. This self-imposed restriction leads us to actions which are not commensurate with our values, principles and morals leading to a perpetual feeling of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. We need to direct our actions in the direction of what our values stand for and lead us to act in the best interest of our own selves as well as the people around us and the environment we live in.

If we ask these questions to ourselves and answer them honestly and truthfully, one can assess how well we are, spiritually and what is it that we need to change, eliminate or adopt to attain spiritual wellness

Improve Your Spiritual Wellness

While we all have some element of spiritual wellness within us, it is usually, and unfortunately, relegated to the background, primarily because other things, more materialistic, take precedence. It is, however, of utmost importance for us not to forget this dimension and keep it actively attended to. Here are a few steps that can assist you to keep yourself in good spiritual wellness:

Take some time off for yourself, in solitude: Although we humans are social animals and are not designed to live alone, it is advisable to create some time in solitude to be able to explore our core values, introspect if our actions are aligned with our values and decide upon taking corrective actions, if required. It is difficult to find solitude, nevertheless, it is important to.

Some Meditation, Some Prayers: Meditation is a powerful process to empower your inner core to align with the Universe. It also helps you calm your senses thereby helping you to gather yourself. Also, take some time out to pray for yourself and all others around you. Pray for the world to be blessed with overall wellness and peace. For praying, you do not need to be necessarily part of a religious faith. Should you choose to adopt one, follow it dedicatedly, with your eyes, ears and mind open.

Show Gratitude: Count your blessings and thank the Universe for giving you what you have. You do not need to wait for a special occasion to show your gratitude to whoever has done good to you. Forgive those who have not been kind to you, for even they have taught you something.

Practice Yoga: Yoga is a powerful system of exercises which have the power to heal you physically as well as spiritually. Yoga provides you relief from physical as well as mental tensions and completely detox your body and mind.

Serve the Community: While you are blessed to have many resources that others may be deprived of, use these resources to help those who do not have. Volunteer to take up tasks for the upliftment of your community, be it in terms of educating the children from financially challenged families or developing a park for children to play or setting up a medical center for the community. There are many such activities that you can provide you with satisfaction and happiness.

In conclusion, while we tend to take care of our physical wellness which is required very often in the frenetically paced world, we do not pay enough attention to our spiritual dimension of wellness. That is rather unfortunate for while cleansing our body is necessary it is even more necessary to keep our soul cleansed and aligned with the Universe as that alone can guide us to the right direction taking the right path.

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  1. Thank you for the article. I am needing to learn how to relax more.

  2. Thank you for a wonderful article. Like you I also believe we need to be more tolerant of other people and treat people how we would like to be treated. To respect the fact everyone is unique and special and to live life with gratitude.
    Your article has certainly brought clarity to some things on spirituality.
    I have bookmarked this site and will be visiting often.

    1. Many thanks for reading the article and liking it. If it is not inconvenient to you, may I request you to share it with your friends, too.

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